SNAPS!™ XL Cloth-Like Wipes, DIY Wet Wipes 75 wipes

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SNAPS!™ XL Cloth-Like Wipes, DIY Wet Wipes

SNAPS!™ are extra-large cloth-like wipes They are five times stronger than paper towels and are designed especially for use with spray-on disinfectants for safer surface cleaning.

Durable SNAPS!™ save money and clean better than paper towels. SNAPS!™ are extra-large sized (10in x 7in) on a perforated centerfeed roll that snap apart and are packaged in a resealable plastic dispenser bag with a zipper closure.

As a unique option, SNAPS!™ provides the opportunity for consumers to save even more money by pouring their favorite disinfectant or sanitizer from value-sized bottles into the SNAPS!™ dispenser bag to make economical ready-to-use wet wipes. Use with any brand, including Hammer Brands, Clorox®, Pine-Sol®, Lysol®, Simple Green®, Mr. Clean™, Formula 409® and more!